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AeL eContent

In developing the AeL Enterprise system, the specialists working at SIVECO Romania, together with the technical team, have the permanent support of experienced pedagogues, psychologists, and methodists. University professors and academics, high school teachers, trainers, and tutors were actively involved in the development of AeL eContent and in the development of the AeL Enterprise platform.

The concept of content reusability is implemented by using standard formats such as XML, MathML, SCORM.

A few instances of eContent, which can be integrated in the structure of AeL Enterprise, are presented below in English.


Criminal Expertise demo (Se deschide intr-o fereastra pop-up.)
Face Identification demo (Se deschide intr-o fereastra pop-up.)
Traffic Tests demo (Se deschide intr-o fereastra pop-up.)

We strongly recommend the use of Internet Explorer v 6.0 or higher to open our multimedia lessons.

In order to browse the online interactive content you need the following tools: Macromedia Flash Player 7 Cult3D
Because of software incompatibility in the Microsoft Internet Explorer update:
Microsoft Security Advisory (912945), you may need to install this patch:
Microsoft Compatibility Patch KB917425.