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AeL Enterprise

Investing in human resources is extremely important for the vast majority of companies, not only due to its value measure, but also to the significance that personnel training has for the organization. The investment in personnel training (whether existent or newly hired) is a long term one; therefore it is highly important to monitor this process, in all of its aspects.

AeL Enterprise is a modern learning and management instrument dedicated to supporting personnel training within the company frame: it is devised for the direct Computer Assisted Learning (CAL), as well as for the remote / non assisted training (Computer Based Training).

AeL Enterprise is built in accordance with a flexible model both from the organizational point of view and as far as managing the training materials is concerned (interactive sessions can be created with the help of multimedia facilities and of video–conferences; presentations can include most MS Office documents, films, or other interactive materials).

AeL Enterprise ensures unitary training, a better monitoring of the learning process and of the results obtained by the students and by the instructors, the evaluation of the didactical methods, connections with areas of study related to the discussed subjects, the careful planning of resources (instructors, classrooms). All is achieved while saving time and optimizing the learning process.

The use of AeL Enterprise enables not only the optimum management of the organization's learning resources, but also the monitoring of the results and of the progress achieved while using the system.