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Educational Content

AeL eContent is developed by SIVECO Romania, a global eLearning solutions provider, and has over 7 million end user beneficiaries worldwide and more than 15.000 schools deployed with cutting-edge technology.

AeL eContent is one of the largest and most exciting digital libraries in the world and can be translated in several languages and localised to respect the educational and cultural background of any country/region.

AeL eContent offers an optimum mix of pedagogy and entertainment, combining movies, interactive activities, experiments, simulations and tests, all aimed at motivating different types of learners. The learning process is therefore transformed into an exciting activity; a way to discover and explore, to observe scientific principles at work and to apply the abstract theory in everyday activities.

AeL eContent provides teachers and students with true-to-life lab experiences in a safe environment. The digital learning content is pedagogically-sound and makes it easy for teachers to convert any regular computer classroom into an interactive lab, simply by launching the appropriate digital unit for students. The educational software allows students to repeat experiments as many times as needed to understand a certain topic.

AeL eContent is build upon constructivist and learner-centric approach. Every learning unit helps students to explore, discover, to find solutions, to build their own knowledge and draw our conclusions. AeL eContent places special emphasis on operational knowledge, learning through action and active development of cognitive structures.

AeL eContent’s role is to enhance the modern orientations of pedagogic theories concerning the student’s role, helping at understanding of phenomena, collaboration with colleagues and teacher, cooperating in the resolution of work tasks and problems, the expression of their own points of view, development of the sense construction and argumentation capacities. After all, modern education is more about discovering than transferring straight information. The constructed learning situations have the important role to form practical skills and transfer integrated competences.

AeL eContent content has a consistent structure – text, assessments and interactive animations, as well as presentation movies have a well-established place on the screen in each learning object, according to psychologists’ recommendations. Information and icon objects are also well positioned, for ease of access and redundancy avoidance.

AeL eContent is organized in reusable learning objects (RLOs) that are structured in learning content packages. The main idea of 'learning objects' is to break educational content down into small chunks that can be reused in various standard-compliant learning environments. The concept of content re-usage is based on description formats of the XML packing, having the necessary elements, in order to import and export conformable the MathML, SCORM and IMS standards.

Technical and Software Requirements
Technical design implies compliance with both the guidelines provided by pedagogical designing and the recommendations, standards, norms, and conventions that are specific to computer designing (acquired by extensive psychological research), regarding ergonomics or functionality.

Software requirements:

The AeL eContent lesson interface is user friendly and easy to use. The application guides students through the lessons, so they don’t need to be computer savvy to browse the AeL science content. They simply need to follow the given instructions.

In developing AeL eContent, the specialists from SIVECO Romania benefits of constant support from pedagogy specialists, psychologists, and experienced methodologists. University professors and teachers, instructors and tutors were involved in the achievement of didactic materials, helping at developing high quality interactive content.

In this section we present some relevant examples of educational content, which is integrated with the AeL platform. Choose a subject from the menu on the left to view the full lessons and demos in different languages.

We strongly recommend the use of Internet Explorer v 6.0 or higher to open our multimedia lessons.

In order to browse the online interactive content you need the following tools: Macromedia Flash Player 7 Cult3D
Because of software incompatibility in the Microsoft Internet Explorer update:
Microsoft Security Advisory (912945), you may need to install this patch:
Microsoft Compatibility Patch KB917425.