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A GOLD European project: The Romanian IT-based Education System (SEI)

16 November 2010

SIVECO Romania wins the Gold Medal for SEI, the most important European award ever received by a Romanian company at eLearning Awards competitions.

Special Award 2010
SIVECO Romania has succeeded in London at the prestigious and exclusive eLearning Awards, where it has won the Gold Medal for the IT-based Education System (SEI).

The award is the more important, the more it has been won in the most disputed category "Best e-learning project securing widespread adoption", where big names of eLearning worldwide entered competed directly.

"It is definitely a great honor for us, but also a very pleasant surprise to be among the winners of this competition. We know that our IT-based Education System is the greatest project carried out in our country in the field of eLearning, with a major impact on education. Without false modesty, we are not at the first big international prize: in 2005, AeL, the eLearning solution developed by SIVECO Romania, has also received the first World Summit Award ever won by a Romanian company. However, we are still extremely proud when the most important "names" in the field reconfirm this, once more, from the highest level of exigency and competence. This award is the more important as one knows how advanced and competitive the UK eLearning market is, and how severe the projects evaluation is performed in this competition, by an international jury of experts well-known for their exigency and fairness. As a matter of fact, I think the surprise was huge also for the big companies we were competing against and which found themselves surpassed by a company from Eastern Europe. We are indeed extremely happy for this achievement", said Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania. 

At international level, SEI is the most known and awarded Romanian project in the field of education, receiving awards in the biggest competitions such as World Summit Award, European eGovernment Awards, European IT Excellence Awards, International Project Management Association, eEurope Awards for eGovernment.

"The success in UK belongs to a GOLDEN team. Our products AeL, AeL eContent, AeL eServices are adopted on large scale and have generated value for the entire Romanian society. They are the engine of project of huge popularity like the National Conference for Virtual Education, IntelTeach, SIVECO Cup, SIVECO Summer School, Courses of the Teaching Staff House and, entering into the education institutions, generating performance exactly in the area where it is most efficiently assimilated", declared Radu Jugureanu, Manager of AeL Educational Content Department, SIVECO Romania.

"It is a really fantastic, well-deserved award, for a complex, difficult project, that decisively influences the education process in Romania, Moldova, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates and Morocco. In fact, this is the reason for receiving the award - the high level of assimilation and spread among the final users", stated Florin Ilia, Commercial Vice President of SIVECO Romania.

About eLearning Awards
200 eLearning products from the public and private sector and from NGOs worldwide have been accepted in the competition held in London. Out of these, 86 have been selected, and in the grand finale entered the best 37 projects competing at the categories "Best e-learning project securing widespread adoption", "Meeting the needs of compliance for an external regulator or an internal workforce", "Best use of mobile learning", "Best use of rapid e-learning content", "Best use of synchronous e-learning", "Best use of social media for learning", "Best learning game, simulation or virtual environment", "Most innovative new product or tool in e-learning", "Best online or distance learning programme", "Excellence in the production of learning content" (Public sector, Private sector), "E-learning internal project team of the year", "E-learning industry award for outstanding achievement" (Corporate, Individual), "E-learning development company of the year". The award winning organizations are: SIVECO Romania, Brightwave, Learnosity, Bupa Health, Wellbeing UK, Hibernia College, The Open University, Lightbox Education, Parliament's Education Service, MyWorkSearch, IMC (UK) Learning, Fire Service College, Infinity Learning, University of Edinburgh, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, One Plus One, Nelson Croom, Gloucester Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, e2train, Epic, Capita National Strategies, Home Retail Group, Fusion Universal.

Since 2005 onwards, the eLearning Awards launched by Bizmedia Ltd ( reward excellence in using technology in education. Interest for this competition has been constantly growing, reaching a reference level for worldwide eLearning. 

About SEI
SEI is a complex program initiated by the Ministry of Education and Research, whose basic objective is to sustain the teaching and learning process in the pre-university education system, with cutting-edge technologies, a program implemented by a public-private partnership. 

SEI figures: over 4 million beneficiaries an national and international level, 140,000 trained teachers, 15,000 computerized labs, 192,000 computers, 3,700 AeL multimedia lessons, 1,500,000 candidates in the Baccalaureate exam (2003-2010), 441,953 participants in the teachers' nomination upon vacant positions exam (2003-2010), 2,000,000 pupils distributed in high schools (ADLIC 2001-2010), 180,000 users registered on the portal, 2,000,000 visitors, over 7,500 articles and 1,300,000 messages posted on the forum.